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Learn more about the locksmith trade

If you walked up to a person in the street right now and ask them what they know about locksmiths and the trade of locksmithing, you would get two, perhaps three different answers. In most cases, these would come to helping you when you get locked out of your car or your home or, at most, also including that they can also copy your keys. However, as it so often is, there is much more to this trade and there is much more to be discussed. This is the purpose of this blogsite and of this article where we will give you a short introduction into the trade of locksmithing, showing you that it is much more than just a guy in a van who can help you get into your car if you locked yourself out.

First of all, believe it or not, but locksmith is a profession with a long, long history. For instance, the oldest lock known to historians and people interested in the history of locksmithing, was not made in the 18th century or in the middle Ages. It was made 4 thousand years ago in Egypt. The earliest lock that used the key-system that we still use these days dates back to the 8th century B.C. Over the centuries, this trade has developed and grown and it has involved a number of services that most locksmiths do not provide these days. For instance, locksmiths (as the name suggests) would also know how to make locks, which is something that is not done these days as mass production of locks and lock parts has made this part of the profession obsolete.

However, the locksmith trade today involves much more than most people would think. It sure is not simply being able to pick a lock and help the customer when they are in need of circumventing their own lock. Locksmiths these days install locks; provide the service of changing the locks in case the customer desires this. There are also the services of making duplicate keys, of rekeying the locks, refurbishing locks that deteriorated over time, while also providing that well-known service of getting past locks that need to be circumvented, like for example when you lose your keys or misplace them. There are also locksmiths that work as security consultants as well and that can do wonders for the security of your home or your vehicle, or anything else that you wish to secure.

There are a number of business models for people who work as locksmiths. For instance, you will find commercial locksmiths, which work out of their own business and who work in a number of locksmith fields. There are also mobile locksmiths that work out of a vehicle and that offer rapid on-site services. There are also institutional locksmiths that are employed by a certain institution, while you will also find a very specialized type of locksmith, the investigational, or the forensic locksmiths. As we have mentioned before, you will also find locksmiths that are also security consultants, but it is important to remember that not every security consultant will also be a skilled and trained locksmith.

When it comes to the training and the skillset of a locksmith, it is important to remember that there are different requirements in different countries and states (in the US) when it comes to this trade. For instance, you will find that in some countries or states, the job of a locksmith can be done by anyone with a certificate and with a registered business. In other countries or states, they will need to be trained in specific schools. For instance, In Australia, a locksmith must have a degree from an Engineering college and also a certificate that they have done apprenticeship.

You should also remember that locksmithing is a complicated profession and that it takes years of work and constant training to excel in this trade. This is why all locksmiths are not the same and which is why you need to be careful when you are hiring a locksmith. It is always a good idea to do your research before you dial a number and hire a locksmith.